Argyll restoration in Cheshire

My name is Sara Dines. I was looking for some help and advice. My Mother in Spain has a friend who bought one of the Argyll cars some time ago and has had it in storage for sometime. We now have this car sat on our driveway, it is not beyond repair but was wondering if you could advise me of any locations in the Cheshire region that would store the car to enable the gentleman to start his renovations.

Any help or advice that you can give me would be much appreciated, i know it will one day be a magnificent car but for now is just a heap with plants growing from the roof.

We have managed to find a local Farmer who is willing to store the car for free. However any help or advice on where he can start would be a huge help parts etc. My main concern was that with it being kept in the open didn't want it to start to rust as we live in a Salt mining town and the air and rain can sometimes make things dusty and prone to rust easier than in most areas.

If you could post it on your website it would be a huge help. The car will eventually be auctioned for charity, so hopefully we can restore it to it's former glory.

Just out of curiosity are there many left in this country. I had never seen one before and would be interested to know

Sara Dines
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