Bristol Argyll accident 1906

We have this week received a letter from a lady in Devon whose GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER (Mrs Julia Boucher Age 65) was killed in a 1906 Argyll in August 1906 and with the centenary of this accident coming up she is trying to find as much information as possible about this model.

The accident happened just outside Bristol when the car rounded a corner at a stone railway bridge and the front wheel hit the stone of the bridge and her Grandmother was thrown out of the front passenger seat and fell over the bridge and onto the railway line below and was killed. This lady has sent us the Coroner's report.

She came across us as we have a 1902 Argyll on our History page which took part in our Belfast - Portrush run in 1974 (see attached). This was owned by Geoff McCrea.

Would any records survive of who the cars were sold to in 1906? If the accident happened in August 1906 and the car was referred to in the Coroner's report as a "new Argyll car" it must have been a 1906 model.

Any help you can give would be very much appreciated.

Trevor Mitchell
Hon. Secretary.
The Association of Old Vehicle Clubs in Northern Ireland
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